Influence 2019 @ Greater NOIDA

11th October 2018In-Fluent Learning, an IIM Bangalore alumna led organization that works with educational institutions to help their students and staff enhance communication skills, organized a very successful inter school meet – Influence 2018 in partnership with Grads International School, Greater NOIDA. Influence 2018 saw participation from more than 120 students and more than 30 teachers from […]

Leadership at NIFT

At NIFT, we start our program ‘Leadership’ with storytelling and the impact of this circle of sharing compels me to share with readers of our blog why we need more of this. In this year’s circle we had 23 students – most of whom are in their first year of college and a few are […]

Magic of Storytelling

Stories as a medium of instruction is something that helps learning to stick to the users. I still remember my geography lesson that was taught to me in school! The topic was how the changes in seasons takes place. Our class, which was famous in the school for wrong reasons for being most notorious, had […]

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