Joy of teaching

Here I was, with years of corporate work experience and none whatsoever with schools. When I joined In-Fluent Learning, the first question was ‘Do you want to teach?’ I was also unsure. After all, for all these years I had been dealing with adult learners, as part of my training and development background. But I […]

Street Smart over Book Smart

Adding a feather to your cap These days we hear many crying out loud- ‘get things done’,’ no-nonsense’, ‘move fast’, ‘work smart’, be Street Smart. After all, what is this street smartness? I call it being educated beyond one’s intelligence. Survival skills cannot be taught in books. Unlike book smarts, who have just experience of […]

Finding connection

He was in class VII and an active participant in the group of students I was training in effective public speaking. As part of the training, I had to give them some famous speeches to memorise and deliver. I wanted to pick Martin Luther King’s, ‘I have a Dream’, Obama’s, ‘Yes we can’, Nehru’s midnight […]


Because I love the feeling of receiving stars, I’m really generous in giving them out too – be it rating an app on my phone, an Uber driver or students in my workshops, they can count on me for free stars always.  But some stars are brighter and more lasting than others. It happened recently […]

Confidence – the winner

It was a pleasant winter morning. Dayanand Model School, Mandir Marg was all set to showcase the talent among their young students. The backdrop modelled Rajasthan – decorated in a colourful, traditional look with fancy dupattas and bangles. The stalls around were buzzing with the students inviting visitors to apply mehendi, taste the yummy delicacies […]

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