who we are

A team of young professionals with corporate experience who are working to meet the needs of skilling India by partnering with educational institutions and corporate firms to provide the much needed training in the area of leadership communication. Our programs are designed to instil in participants the self-confidence that is necessary for success in any chosen profession.


We develop and deliver participant centric programs that help develop essential professional skills. In the past 4 years we have worked with more than 6000 learners across Delhi NCR institutes to develop communication skills. We are now expanding our footprints into other parts of North India. We also organize Influence – a school meet that brings together school students and teachers to showcase their talent in poetry, drama, storytelling and debate.

In the corporate space we have coached senior management of foreign origin in the English language and look forward to partnering with more firms for this area.


Kanu Priya Sekhri, an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and Schulich School of Business, Toronto has completed the highest grade in Speech and Drama from Trinity College of London. In her work area, she has seen the importance given to communication skills be recruiters and clients and is therefore extremely passionate about spreading excellence in this area. This is the reason she began In-Fluent Learning four years ago. She has 12 years of work experience with the corporate sector and higher education institutes. She also freelances with corporates for leadership training for middle and senior management in the following areas:

our team

Divya Raman

Divya brings to the team her ease of connecting with students and her acute belief in excellence. A keen learner, her MBA degree from IMT and her years of corporate experience help her relate well to the need for communication skill

Anindita Tagore

Anindita, is a PhD from JNU, and believes that education is the means to success and is keen to work with young people in this area. Her deep understanding of sociology and people enables her to be a passionate teacher who brings her best to the classroom.

Nancy Soni

Nancy has been working with leading organizations such as Wipro and Standard Chartered for their business processes and customer service operations. Her energy resonates in the students in her classes and she enjoys seeing the difference that these classes make to them.

Nupur Tiwari

Nupur was a media and marketing professional and her fluency and enthusiasm are a joy to watch. She is a keen learner and brings to the team a fresh perspective and energy

Poonam Singh

Poonam, an MA in English has been into E-learning industry for 9 years. A corporate trainer and an entrepreneur-her passion for excellence; follows her in the classroom & she works with teachers to help them develop their own communication skills.


An MBA by qualification has worked with HSBC, a leading international bank for several years. She has also facilitated the effective communication curriculum in our partner schools and often plays the role of an examiner for assessments across our partner schools.


Kanika is an MBA by qualification who has worked in the Public Relations domain. However, she really loves facilitating workshops and working with people. She has now chosen to spend her time with children from leading schools across Delhi, enabling them to gain confidence in all kinds of spoken communication.